This text is a translation of the original in French. The English translation is offered for ease of understanding and is not a legally binding substitute for the original French version.
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The property and utilization of the following website: (hereinafter "the Website") belong to the company HAKISA (hereinafter "HAKISA"). HAKISA is a simplified joint-stock company (Société par Actions Simplifiée, SAS) with a capital of 429 168 € registered under the number TI 538 224 254 of the RCS of SARREGUEMINES which intercommunity VAT number is FR07538224254.
Using this Website implies your acceptance of the present general terms and conditions (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions"). These Terms and Conditions are concluded between HAKISA and every person that wishes to be a member of the Website (hereinafter "User" or "you").


The current Terms and Conditions object is to determine the relation between HAKISA and every internet user who wishes to:
become a member of HAKISA and to get access to individual services offered by the Website;
access the online information (hereinafter the "Content") offered by HAKISA partners (non-profit organization, company, association or other organizations) (hereinafter "HAKISA Partners");
access to dedicated community spaces (hereinafter "exclusive Clubs" and "sponsored Clubs" or "Community") specially created and administrated on the Site by HAKISA partners.
The Website provides access to a multiservice Internet platform for:
  • all persons wishing to benefit from support in the acts of daily life, giving them access to a service of social link and communication with their relatives and the professional caretakers, as well as to digital services securing homes and people and, in general, all services to facilitate their daily lives;
  • and any association, company, firm, organization or other structure providing or prescribing associated offers.


Our Privacy Policy ( describes how we treat the data you provide when you use the platform and its services. You acknowledge that by using the platform, you consent to our collection and use (under the terms of the Privacy Policy) of these data.


The access and use of the Website are free. To use the Website, you must register by entering your email address, choosing a password and completing your data.


HAKISA retains all rights to the Website and all attached intellectual property such as copyrights, trademarks, sui generis rights to databases, designs, logos and other intellectual property rights (registered or not) contained on the Website. Those are owned or licensed by HAKISA or are the object of an authorization of use and are protected by the laws in force.
No element of the Website can be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, distorted or otherwise distributed, in any form whatsoever, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of HAKISA.
HAKISA reserves the right to pursue any act of infringement of its intellectual property rights.


5.1 The User undertakes not to access or interact with the Website using automated systems, with the exception of search engines using "robots" or similar programs used for indexing or other similar non-prejudicial purposes for HAKISA and the Website.
5.2 HAKISA reserves the right to limit, suspend or interrupt the User's license to use the Website in case of violation by the user of the present General Terms & Conditions or any other prescription or directive appearing on the Website and laws in force.
In general, HAKISA reserves the right to limit, suspend or interrupt, at its sole discretion and at any time, access or use of the Website for any user.
5.3 When using the Website, you agree, by behaving in a normal and reasonable way, not to hinder in any way its proper functioning. To that end you particularly agree not to:
disrupt, slow down, impede or alter the normal data flow exchanged within the framework of the Services, accelerate the rate of scrolling of the Website contents in such way that the functioning of the Website gets modified or altered or commit any other action having a similar disruptive effect on the functionalities of the Website;
fraudulently access, maintain, hinder or disrupt HAKISA or its partners' information systems, in particular, the services, servers, networks allowing access to the Services, or refuse to comply with the required conditions, procedures, general rules or regulations applicable to networks providing access to the Website.
HAKISA reserves the right, if necessary, to take all required actions to put an end to all unlawful behavior and to obtain compensation for all damage.
5.4 When using the Website, you agree that the content you post:
does not constitute an offense against public order and morality, including provocation to crimes and offenses, incitement to racial hatred or suicide, apology for crimes against humanity, apology for terrorism or includes elements of child pornography;
has no violent or pornographic character;
does not constitute an infringement of the rights of third parties, in particular (a) an infringement of the intellectual property rights of third parties, (b) an attack on persons (in particular defamation, insults, etc.) and on the respect of the private life;
does not violate any laws or legislation in force.


6.1 HAKISA strives to ensure the accuracy and updating of the information on the Website, of which HAKISA reserves the right to correct the content at any time and without prior notice. However, HAKISA can not guarantee the accuracy, precision, updating and completeness of the information provided on the Website.
Therefore, HAKISA declines all responsibility:
for any inaccuracy, imprecision or omission concerning information available on the Website;
for any damage resulting from fraudulent intrusion by a third party resulting in a modification of the information or elements available on the Website;
and, in general, for all damages, direct or indirect, whatever the causes, origins, natures or consequences, even if HAKISA could have been informed of the risk of such damages, caused by the access from any person to the Website or by an impossibility of accessing or using the Website, including all damages or viruses that may infect your hardware equipment or any other property, and/or credit given to any information provided directly or indirectly by the Website.
6.2 HAKISA does not guarantee that the Website, its content, its services and its features will be error free or uninterrupted; that any defects will be corrected, or that the use of the Website will produce specific results. The Website and its contents are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis.
6.3 HAKISA is not responsible for the Content posted by its Partners in the Sponsored and/or Exclusive Clubs they animate and of which they are the administrators.


The User is solely responsible for his interactions with other Users on the Website, or as part of the Exclusive or Sponsored Clubs of which he is a member.
HAKISA can not be held liable for any disputte or disagreement between Users


HAKISA will not be held responsible for disputes between Users and its partners.


HAKISA may provide links from the Website to other affiliated or non-affiliated websites. These websites are independent. HAKISA does not edit them or control them.
Links to any website do not indicate an endorsement or partnership between HAKISA and these websites. Therefore, HAKISA cannot be held responsible for their contents, their products, their advertisements or any elements or services presented on these websites. We remind you that affiliated or non-affiliated websites are subject to their own terms of use and protection of personal data.


HAKISA reserves the right to modify at any time the present Terms and Conditions without any prior notice and in its sole discretion.
The User is therefore advised to regularly consult these Terms and Conditions in order to be perfectly informed of their content


The present Terms and Conditions and their potential modifications are applicable during the entire period of use of the Website by the User.
Users who no longer wish to be subject to these Terms and Conditions can at any time express their desire to unsubscribe from Website by clicking on the following link:


The present Terms and Conditions are governed by French law. However, the User may invoke and request that the mandatory provisions of the law of the country in which he resides be enforced.
In the event of litigation, the jurisdiction of the City of Strasbourg will be applied to the non-exclusive jurisdiction, which means that for the application of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, the User may bring an action to assert his consumer rights in Strasbourg or in the country in which he resides.



The property and operation of the following website: (hereinafter "the website") belong to the french company HAKISA (hereinafter "HAKISA"). HAKISA is a simplified joint-stock company (Société par Actions Simplifiée, SAS) with a capital of 429 168 € registered under the number 538 224 254 of the RCS of SARREGUEMINES TI, intra-community VAT number is FR07538224254.

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Mr Eric GEHL
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Mr Olivier AUDOUZE
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This text is a translation of the original in French. The English translation is offered for ease of understanding and is not a legally binding substitute for the original French version.
The original version is available at the following address:


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires to give explanations about the collected data and their use within the platform in order to obtain informed consent from the user.
Thus, we present to you a synthetic vision of data use for each of the features of the platform.
NB: some features are only accessible for administrator roles and/or by caretaker roles in alarm management.


The aim of the present document is to describe the conditions under which Hakisa (hereinafter "HAKISA" or “the provider”) collects and processes personal data  (hereinafter "data") of its clients (hereinafter "user" or "you") when using the website (hereinafter "the Website" or “the platform”) under the conditions described in the "General terms and conditions of use".
HAKISA SAS is responsible for data processing.
HAKISA SAS 3 Rue Désiré Christian, 57960 Meisenthal, France Tél. : +33 (0)3 88 24 55 14
HAKISA is a simplified joint-stock company (Société par Actions Simplifiée, SAS) with a capital of 429 168 € registered under the number TI 538 224 254 of the RCS of SARREGUEMINES which intercommunity VAT number is FR07538224254.



Data Storing

The data are stored in Germany, a member of the European Community.
Most of the stored information is time-stamped to allow chronological display and/or debugging in case of technical issues.
Technical information (browser, operating system, IP address) is also stored for debugging and platform enhancement purposes.
Hakisa does not store any banking or medical data except those freely communicated in messages by the users themselves.
In accordance with the French legislation governing data storage conditions for Hakisa, deleted personal data is stored for a period of one year. These data are exclusively accessible on request from the justice to Hakisa. For the same reasons, the user's IP address at the time of connection is also stored.
Hakisa allows the effective deletion of accounts and anonymization of posted messages for the entire duration of use of the platform by the user.

Data Uses

Hakisa stores only the data required for:
  • The proper functioning of the services offered on the Hakisa platform
  • Compliance with French law and European regulations
  • Debugging the platform in case of a technical issue
  • For analysis purposes: Hakisa uses tags to make statistics about the general use of the platform's pages via a dedicated statistics tool. These statistics are anonymous and allow to measure the global traffic of the platform with indicators such as the global connection time, the number of pages viewed or the number of sessions.
The type of data collected and its use are detailed in the section "Use of data in the services available on the Hakisa platform" below.
The processing of these data has been declared at the French "National Commission on Informatics and Liberty" (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés - CNIL).
In accordance with the clauses of article 22 of the French Law n° 2004-575 of June 21st, 2004 considering the confidence of the online economy ("Loi pour la Confiance dans l'Economie" - LCEN), in agreement of the User, HAKISA is able to use the collected data to inform the user about the services.

Data Sharing

Hakisa only shares your data with third parties in the following situations:
  • With administrators: the administrators of Hakisa and the services you subscribe to on Hakisa have access to a certain number of data. This use is detailed in the section "Use of data in the services offered on the Hakisa platform" below.
  • With your consent: the data collected by Hakisa are not sold to third parties. In the event of data sharing with third parties, this sharing will not take place without your enlightened consent.
  • Upon judicial request: we are under an obligation to share your data to satisfy legal proceedings.

Use of cookies

In order to improve the user experience, Hakisa uses login cookies.
A cookie is a text file sent to your browser from the visited website (here, the Hakisa platform). Information is stored using this cookie file, in particular, the language of your browser, your browsing habits or your login information (email address and password).
The use of cookies allows the user to stay logged in to Hakisa or to log in more easily, without having to retype his login information.
The Hakisa platform has a defined and targeted advertising space displayed to its users. The cookies used by Hakisa make it possible to offer targeted advertising to each user, according to the browsing habits recorded in those cookies.
The use of cookies is not mandatory and can be disabled at any time by the user. To disable the use of cookies, the user can configure the web browser used as follows:
For Microsoft Internet Explorer :
  1. select the menu  "Tools", then "Internet Options";
  2. click on the tab "Confidentiality";
  3. select the preferred level with the help of the cursor.
For Mozilla Firefox :
  1. select the menu "Tools", then "Options" ;
  2. click on the option « private life »;
  3. go to the "cookies" menu and select your options.
For Chrome :
  1. select the menu "Edit" then "Preferences";
  2. click on the option "Personal data";
  3. go to the "Cookies" section and select your options.
Pour Safari :
  1. select the menu "Edit" then "Preferences";
  2. click on the option "Personal data";
  3. go to the "Cookies" section and select your options.

Data Safety

The safety of its users' data is extremely important to Hakisa. Hakisa implements all appropriate measures to restrict data access to unauthorized third-parties.
Hakisa agrees to implement any measure to ensure the protection of the data in its possession in order to limit the risk of loss, theft, deterioration and any misuse of these data.
Access rights and rectification of data
In accordance with the clauses of the French Law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 related to informatics, files and liberty, the User benefits of the right to access, correct, modify and delete his personal Data.
To exercise these rights, please write  to the following address:
  • HAKISA 8, Place de l’hôpital 67000 STRASBOURG - FRANCE
  • Or send a request by email to
The request will be fulfilled within the legal deadline of one month following the request.



My Profile

Hakisa collects two types of sensitive data in the user profile: mandatory data and optional data. This data is provided with the user's consent, at the time of registration on the Hakisa platform and / or when he changes his account information.
The mandatory sensitive data collected for all users are:
  • Email address: used as a unique identifier to login to the platform and allows sending confirmation or reminder emails to the user
  • Last name: allows identification of the person and personalization of emails and messages sent from the platform
  • First name: allows identification of the person and personalization of emails & messages sent from the platform
  • Postal Code and City: enables the activation of specific services such as the weather and local news broadcast
  • In the case of caregivers who agree to manage alarms:
  • The complete postal address, as well as the fixed telephone number, are requested in order to be able to contact the person in case of a problem
  • The mobile phone number may be required in the case of sending alarms by SMS and to warn the person in case of a problem
The optional sensitive data collected are:
  • Photo: allows account customization and reminder emails customization; it is also displayed to the user's contacts and administrators of communities the user subscribes to
  • Gender and date of birth: this data is used to allow administrators to select users to send them personalized messages or to offer them personalized services.
The non-sensitive data collected:
  • Profile configuration information (font size, notification and reminder email configuration, dashboard configuration, simplified navigation): allows data to be displayed according to user-defined usage parameters and is also collected to display the platform according to the usage profile (font size, simplified navigation, notification configuration, etc.).
  • Timezone: allows the correct display of calendar events as well as the synchronization of calendars of people living in different timezones
  • Profile languages: allows the user to access written content in the languages supported by the platform

User Commitments

When the user registers on the platform, he is asked to choose a password. The password of the user account is stored thanks to a hash function, i.e. it is stored encrypted, without any possibility of being decrypted. Thus, the user is the only owner of the password.
The user expressly agrees to maintain the confidentiality of his password.
The user accepts not to use the profile, username and password of another User, nor to disclose its password to a third party.
The user expressly agrees to inform Hakisa in case of suspicion of a non-authorized use of its profile or access to its password.
The user is the only responsible for the use if its profile.

Notifications & emails

Sending of notifications
The platform includes a real-time notification system. This system makes it possible to notify the user when events concerning him occur such as a new article in one of his Clubs, a new invitation to an event or a new contact request.
These notifications are sent on the Hakisa platform. They can also be relayed to HubOn, a smartphone and tablet application available on Android, upon installation and configuration of the application by the user.
The user can configure the notifications they wish to receive or not.
Sending of emails
Some notifications can also be sent by email, such as new messages in "My Contacts" or invitations. The user can configure his email preferences in his profile.
NB: when using the Alarms application, the email settings are different since they concern the sending of critical alarms via email (see dedicated section).
Some emails are mandatory and cannot be disabled, including :
  • Emails related to account confirmation, password change or account deletion, in order to verify the user's identity
  • Emails related to security information
  • Emails relating to legal information (example: updating the General Terms of Use)

My Contacts

The "My Contacts" section is the communication section between users. To add another user to his contacts, the user must know the user's email address.
It is not possible to find a person on Hakisa without knowing his email address.
However, Hakisa may suggest new contacts to a user in the case where the user has taken part in a group conversation containing at least one contact of the user and persons to whom he is not yet connected.
Thus, the data stored in "My Contacts" section are:
  • The user's first and last name: allows his contacts to identify him
  • The user's photo (if the user has filled in his photo): allows his contacts to identify him
  • User's email address: used to send invitations
  • Date, time and username of the Contact invitation: allows the contact to know who sent an invitation, track the status of the invitation and allow debugging in case of technical issues
  • The date, time of conversations and messages sent as well as the names of the participants in the conversations: allows to know the identity of the creator of the conversation, the participants; allows to facilitate the sorting and the follow-up of the conversations; and allows the debugging in the event of a technical issue
  • User login status: allows contacts to start a video conference if the user is online and allows debugging in case of a technical issue
  • Date, time and caller name of video calls: lets you know who called if a call fails (no answer) and allows debugging in case of a technical issue

My Photos

"My Photos" allows the user to create photo albums. Users can share their photo albums with their contacts. In the case of photo album sharing, people participating in the photo album can: view photos, download them on their computer, comment them, delete them and add photos to the album.
It should be noted that users participating in a photo album may also invite other users who are part of their contacts.
In this context, the following data are stored:
  • Photos added to photo albums
  • The date and time the photos were added
  • The date, time and name of the creator of the photo comments

My Internet

"My Internet" allows the user to access websites sorted into categories in order to simplify their access.
Users can create their own categories and buttons (link to websites) and customize them.
The stored data concerning the "My Internet" buttons are:
  • The URL of the website
  • Button image
  • The date the button was created
  • The storage of this information allows the proper functioning of the "My Internet" service.

My Agenda

In this section, the user can create timestamped events in his agenda and invite people to his events.
People accepting invitations are personally associated with the event and their avatar appears in the area provided.
It is also possible to join a community event (a Club) and in this case, the facilitator who created the event is notified of the member's participation.

My Games

In this section, the user can play various online games.
No sensitive personal data is collected.

Sending feedback

At any time and from any page of the platform, the user can send a feedback to the administrators of the platform in case of a technical problem encountered or to ask them a question about the use of the platform features.
In order to best respond to the user's request, we collect technical information about the customer's environment: the operating system (OS) and web browser used.
To allow debugging, the remarks sent are nominative and timestamped and are visible only by the administrators of the platform.

My Clubs (users)

In this section, the user will be able to access the content and services of the communities (Clubs) of which he is a member. There are open communities, which can be joined without invitation (Sponsored Clubs, Restricted Clubs) and closed communities, which can only be joined by invitation from administrators (Exclusive Clubs).
Data shared within the Club
Within Clubs, there are two types of content:
  • Internal content, produced by the Club administrators, directly within the platform such as articles, forums or events
  • External content, recovered from a third party platform and displayed within the Club (RSS Feeds, Facebook page posts, Google News)
The user member of a Club can react to the internal content of the Club by posting 3 types of messages:
  • A comment on an article
  • A message in a forum
  • A comment on an event
  • These messages are nominative and timestamped. They are visible by all the members of the Club who see :
  • The first name and first letter of the last name of the creator of the message
  • The date of publication of the message
  • The content of the message
NB: when a user deletes his account, messages posted within Clubs are anonymized.
Within an Exclusive Club, the administrator can activate a member directory feature. In this case, the obligatory personal data of the Club user are visible by the other members (name, first name, email address, postal code, city, country). In case they are filled out by the user, the optional personal data are also visible by the other members of the Club (postal address, landline, and mobile phone numbers).
At any time the user can:
  • Leave a Restricted or Sponsored Club
  • Make a request to leave an Exclusive Club to the Club Administrator who undertakes to satisfy the request within a reasonable time.

Data shared with community (Clubs) administrators

By joining a community (a Club), the user agrees to share data with the Club administrators, namely:
  • His first and last name
  • His email address (Club Exclusif only)
  • The language of his account
  • His city
  • His postal code
Messages posted within the Club
The messages posted by a user within a Club are nominative and timestamped. The Club administrator has access to the message data and the user who posted it: name, first name, date and time of the message, message content, user's email address (in the case of an Exclusive Club only).
Club Events
Club events can be defined by the administrators who may or may not send invitations to members. The administrator has access to the list of users participating or not in the event with, for each user: his last name, first name and the status of his invitation (participates, pending, does not participate).
Document Sharing
This feature allows the administrator to create directories and upload files accessible to all Club members.
No user data is stored on document sharing and usage.
Conversations with administrators
This feature allows the user of a Club to start a private conversation with a Club manager. The conversation is always initiated by the user and is visible only by the Club manager.
The manager then has access to the following user's personal data: the user's first and last name, email address, the content of the messages and the date the messages were sent.
The conversation also has a processing status, updated by the administrator and visible to the user.
This feature allows a Club manager to offer surveys to Club members. There are two types of surveys:
  • Anonymous: the administrator has access to the overall results of the survey as well as the individual nominative results (answers to the questions of the survey by a member, with the surname and first name of the respondent user)
  • Non-anonymous: the administrator has access to the overall results of the survey; he does not have access to the nominative results
  • Regardless of the type of survey: Club members never have access to the individual results of other users. They may have access to the overall results of the survey if the administrator allows them to do so.
External Services
External services (hosted outside the platform) are optional within the Clubs.
In this case of use, all data is managed by the third party platform responsible for the service in question, and not by Hakisa.
As such, the collection and use of this data must, therefore, be made explicit to the user of the said service.

Digital Sponsor

The platform has an online support system. A user can become another user's "digital sponsor" or ask one of his contacts to become his digital sponsor. In order to request help or become a digital sponsor, the user must :
  • Invite a user already present in his Contacts
  • or invite a user via his email address
  • The digital mutual aid relationship requires the agreement of both parties (the digital sponsor and the sponsored user).
By accepting this link of digital mutual aid, the sponsored agrees to share with his digital sponsor the following data:
  • User profile information (see "My Profile" for details)
  • The list of his contacts (see details in "My Contacts")
  • The list of his Internet buttons (see details in "My Internet")
At any time, the sponsor or the sponsored person can delete this digital mutual aid relationship. Thus, the digital sponsor no longer has access to the data detailed above.

HubOn notification app

If desired, the user can install the notification application HubOn on his mobile device (available on Android) to receive the platform's push notifications on his device.
In the case of HubOn installation, one code per user is generated to secure authentication and dissociate systems to increase security.
HubOn does not request access to the user's personal data on his device.


This section only applies to users who have access to the administration interface. In this case, the user assumes an administrator role.
A role hierarchy defines access to the various administrative functions:
  • Platform administrators: have access to user data (details in "My Profile") as well as information related to the communities of which the user is a member (details in the "Data shared with Club administrators" section)
  • Community administrators: having access to shared user data within communities (details in the "Shared data with Club administrators" section)
  • Alarm system operator: having access to the data of the users having subscribed to the alarm application (details in the "Alarm Management" section)
Administrators' data
In order to allow the animation and administration of the platform, as well as the technical support and possible debugging, Hakisa stores data regarding the contents created in the Back-Office:
  • The creator of the content (first and last name of the administrator)
  • The date and time the content was created
  • The date and time the content was modified
  • The date and time the content was published
By accepting an administration role on the platform, the administrator agrees to share additional data about the content he creates on the platform with Hakisa.
As a reminder, the contents created by the administrators, within the platform, are governed by the intellectual property rights in force between the administrator and the operator of the platform, detailed in the Terms Of Use.
Alarm management
This section only applies to users who have subscribed to the alarm management application as an owner or caretaker.
Subscription to the alarm application
Subscription to the alarm application, as owner or caregiver, implies the consent sharing of the following personal data (to the caregiver circle and to the system operator):
  • E-mail address
  • Last Name
  • First name
  • Postal Code
  • City
  • Mailing Address
  • Landline phone number
  • Mobile phone number: in case of SMS subscription
Alarm sharing
The platform allows the collection and distribution of alarms from sensors and IoT systems connected to external platforms. The interconnection of these platforms allows the identification of an alert system and its association with a user account.
Alarms are emitted by the alert system and are shared:
  • to the user who owns the system,
  • the caretakers of the owner user,
  • to the system operator, for debugging purposes or to take action if necessary
For each alarm, the previously mentioned entities have access to :
  • The data of the user concerned by the alarm (information is given when subscribing to the application)
  • Data of the owner user's caretakers (information provided when subscribing to the application)
  • Alarm support status, for each user and caretaker
  • The date and time of the alarm
  • Alarm history: status changes (timestamped), messages posted by the caregiver circle (name and time-stamped messages)
  • The alarm data, varying according to the nature of the alarm system installed: this data is detailed in the general conditions of use of the alarm application, available for each user of the application, directly in the alarm application.


Hakisa reserves the right to edit at any time its policy regarding data protection and to apply all potential modifications to all owned data concerning the user.
The operator commits to inform the user in the event of major changes to its data processing policy.
The user is therefore advised to regularly consult the present document in order to be perfectly aware of any potential modification made by Hakisa.